Amla benefits and treatment of these diseases

Amla has thousands of medicinal properties.  Its use is very beneficial.  And very beneficial in the treatment of diseases.

 People are unaware of its qualities.

 1.  Diarrhea - In case of very thin diarrhea and stomach ulcers, make powder of black salt and dry gooseberry.  And give half spoon powder to the patient thrice a day with cold water.

 2. Stone - Amla is very important in stone disease.  One who has stomach problems should take Amla powder with radish.

 3.  Pyorrhea - When there is a decaying pyorrhea, the mouth smells strong.  With viruses, its viruses fly in the atmosphere, so do not face near the mouth of a person who has pyorrhea.  To get rid of this disease, toast the gooseberry in a fire, mix rock salt and mix 2-3 drops of mustard oil and brush it regularly.  Pyorrhea will be eradicated.

 4.  Constipation - If there are complaints of constipation, sour belts occur.  So use a spoonful of powdered gooseberry with milk at night.  Constipation will disappear.

 5.  Jaundice - Jaundice has become a dangerous disease in today's era.  If a person has got this disease, mix one part honey in three parts fresh gooseberry juice and drink it in the morning and afternoon.  Will be benefited soon.

 6. Piles - Amla is very beneficial for piles.  Use Amla powder with curd.

 Amla is also used in these.

 Pour the amla into small pieces of dumplings and taste will be double.

 Make parathas by adding grated amla, ginger, garlic, salt, green chillies, coriander to the flour.  Drink two spoons of amla juice, two spoons of honey in a glass of water.  It is a powerful tonic for the body.

 Remove the kernels of boiled gooseberries and grind them in the mixer.  Cook in a pan with sugar.  Use it as jam.

 Heat one hundred grams of coconut oil in a pan.  Add 100 grams of grated amla to it.  Cook till the water dries and sieve when cooled.  Amla oil is ready.

 Mix sugar in grated amla and cook it in the pan.  Swadistha chutney is ready.

 Make powder of dried gooseberry and take it with warm water at night.  The stomach will clear up in the morning.

 Grate Amla in green vegetables and lentils.  Taste will increase.

 Cut fresh gooseberries into small pieces and add salt, black pepper, ground cumin, celery and sugar and dry in the sun for 4-5 days.  Amla betel nut is ready.

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