Amazing Facts of Singapore

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Singapore is a very beautiful country.  Many people from India go to visit here.  Special care is taken here for cleanliness.  The rules here are very strict due to which the system here is very good.  There is also some amazing facts about which we will know below-

 1. Spitting in public places is prohibited here. If anyone is found spitting, he can be fined and jailed.

 2. It is not allowed to sing in public places, if any person is caught singing, then he can be fined.

 3. Pigeons can not be planted here because doing so is against the law here and can be fined.

 4. Dirt spreaders get strict punishment here.  If someone is caught spreading dirt here, he may have to clean the streets for a few days.
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 5. Smoking is not allowed outside the house.

 6. Nobody can connect wi fi here because doing so is considered a crime here.

 7. Singaporeans walk the fastest in the world.

 8. Cannot build buildings higher than 280 meters in Singapore.

 9. It is one of the most expensive countries in the world.

 10. It is called the Lion of the Lion but lions are not found here.

 11. It is strictly prohibited to urinate in the open here.

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 12. Where a resident can vote in the British election.

 13. Here, a toilet flush can be fined up to $ 150 and police can also be called to check it.

 14. It is strictly prohibited to place posters on the walls here.

 15. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose gave the slogan of "Delhi Chalo" from Singapore itself.

 16. The government here is upset due to the low population.  To increase the population, a special holiday of 1 day is given here so that people can have sex.

 17. The population here is about 56 lakhs.

 18. Here the rules are enforced very strictly.

 19. Singapore was established in 1819.

 20. There are more Chinese people here.

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